So jacked that Victor Oladipo is actually on the Pacers!

Image result for Sports illustrated cover Oladipo

This is about as great a pickup as I could personally ask for. As far as sports goes, my favorite team is IU, my Alma Mater. As far as my favorite athletes go, I never loved someone more than I did Oladipo when I entered school the same year as Cody Zeller. Although I credit Cody with getting IU basketball back on course, Victor Oladipo was easily my favorite player. God damn he was exciting. And now, the stars have aligned and my boy is on my favorite pro team now. Victor Oladipo is comin’ home ya’ll!!!!

*Changes shorts to continue writing this post*

Ain’t a single soul in Banker’s Life Fieldhouse who’s favorite player isn’t Oladipo now. The weird thing about Oladipo’s college career was the way that he took it to a new level out of nowhere. He was a 3 star recruit. Then I honest too God think he dunked against someone during like a DII exhibition game then thought, “why don’t I start doing that all the time?” So he did. Then that’s where we got the human highlight reel that made him that 2nd pick.

I’m telling you, nowhere else could Oladipo take his game to a higher level. The entire fanbase is behind this guy without him even having his introductory press conference. That’s a for sure confidence builder. He just won dunk of the year this year so we know it’s in him. I honestly believe that now he’ll thrive and with the confidence one feels backed by an entire state of fans, he’s bout to start killing it for the Pacers.

Image result for Pacers fans

God I am giddy as a school girl. I need the jersey to be on the store. I needed to buy mine yesterday.

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