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John Calipari Leaving for the Knicks Job is My Personal Pipe Dream (and a lil Coach Cal rant).

Before I start, let me say I am NO FAN of John Calipari…

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So, later last night reports came in that John Calipari had reached out to the New York Knicks about the vacant President position recently left by Phil Jackson, aka, the “maybe a little too Zen Master”. Then even later last night John Calipari tweeted out that he did not reach out to the Knicks and that pretty much shot down the rumor entirely. John Calipari, whom I hate ever since he cancelled the Kentucky Indiana rivalry (not more than Coach K though. Coach K SSUUCCCKKKSSS), tweeted out, “NO ONE has contacted the Knicks on my behalf. I am the coach at Kentucky and will be for a long time!”.

So there goes that rumor. Shot down quicker than a Pacers’ post season run.

I am sorry to hear that this was all false reporting. If there is one person I would love to run out of NCAA basketball it would definitely be Coach K. If there is two people I would love to run out of NCAA basketball it would definitely be Coach K and John Calipari. I thoroughly disdain Coach Calipari for the monopoly it seems he’s been able to create when it comes to recruiting. If you were watching the draft at all you saw that they had him at the commentary set. While he was speaking about how proud he was of his guys drafted the show was about ready for commercial. Coach Cal said hey guys let me do a little more recruiting. I gotta hand it to him. He’s pretty straight up with his intentions. He told the country him being on that show was positive for recruiting. He tells his recruits he only intends for them to stick around for a year. He’s a straight shooter about that. I gotta say though, doesn’t make me hate it any less. I’m still not sold on him not paying players, maybe he doesn’t have to now because of the University of Kentucky program he’s created, but he for sure had to pay Derrick Rose to go to Memphis. He took care of his SAT for him too.

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Coach Calipari is a great coach, don’t get me wrong. He runs the University of Kentucky men’s basketball program like a well oiled machine. He understands that as far as top level NCAA basketball goes, a good program should be run like a business. The only issue with that is that the rest of the world sees this as extremely disrespectful to the “student” half of a student athlete. If he wants to run a business, run a damn business. I bet he could get an interview for the Knicks job. He’d be the king of New York and he’d be out of college basketball. We all win. GET COACH CAL OUTTA HERE, LET’S SHIP HIM TO NY PEOPLE!!!

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