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First look at Marvel’s “Inhumans” TV show! (Ramsay Bolton in the house!!)

Ramsay Bolton. Ramsay Bolton. RAMSAY BOLTON!!!!

So the first trailer for the “Inhumans” television show coming to ABC came out. The story of “Inhumans” centers on the royal family of the Inhumans on the moon. I’m not super into comics so I don’t really know how to explain them other than let’s say that they’ll fill in the role of mutants within the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to Fox owning the rights to the X-Men and the term “mutant”. It is pretty crazy to me that this show will not only have its premier on ABC. The first two episodes will be released in IMAX theaters shortly before its television debut.

I gotta say, this could be huge…. Like industry changing huge. Just look at how massive the Marvel Movie industry has become. This is definitely a risk I’d say, because if Marvel and ABC are going to get this show right, it cannot be done cheaply. This will be an awfully ambitious television show. If Disney is able to create the market dominance of Marvel on the small screen as well as large, all within an interconnected universe, it would be absolutely insane. Sure there is Marvel Agents of Shield. But let’s get real this show will be focused on individuals with super powers. And Super powers are what put asses in the seats. If done correctly and it gains popularity, we could see many more television shows from the MCU! And, if we see more from the MCU, you’d have to imagine that the DC Expanded Universe will want to do the same. The DCEU has been playing catch up. And if Disney proves that something as ambitious as the Inhumans can work on a weekly basis and turn a bookoo profit, we will for sure see more super heroes throughout network television.

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Now, onto the trailer. We see Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) attempting to lead the Inhumans to Earth. Ramsay will be playing Maximus, the younger brother of our main protagonist Black Bolt. Maximus has the power of mind control but it will most likely remain repressed until later in the show. Black Bolt is the king and it seems as though Maximus will be leading a coupe with intent to hit up Earth.

If you don’t already know Black Bolt’s power is his strength as well as his sonic scream. In the trailer you can see just how strong it is as the quick exhale he takes from being hit in the gut sends a car flipping down the road. In the comics Black Bolt just refuses to talk because even a whisper from him can kill a normal human. The jumbo dog is the Inhumans’ pet Lockjaw. Needless to say there will probably be a feeling out process with this show. But with a villain like Ramsay Bolton, what could go wrong?

Image result for Ramsay Bolton meme


Inhumans is set to debut on IMAX screens on September 1, 2017, and run for two weeks, before premiering on ABC on September 29, and airing eight episodes.

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