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The Rockets are now looking into Paul George. What could we possibly from them?

So the latest team looking to make a deal with my Indianapolis Pacers are the Houston Rockets. After scooping up Chris Paul from under the nose of the entire league, at the cost of actually quite a few pieces. Chris Paul, who was reportedly sick of the Father-son shit going on in the Clippers franchise in regards to Doc Rivers and Austin Rivers, was upset that trades that would greatly aid the Clippers but have to trade Austin Rivers were not made. I gotta say I do not blame him, nepotism in the workplace is the worst, I couldn’t imagine it at the professional sports level. So the Clippers dealt him to the Rockets. The Rockets definitely gave up quite a lot. Including Patrick Beverly, Sam Dekker, Lou Williams, and a 1st round pick next year.

Image result for chris paul rockets uniform

This trade definitely sells a bit of the future of the Rockets’ franchise. That immediately took the Rockets into a win now scenario. The issue is in the day of super teams you need to come a whole lot stronger than an elite(I say that fully realizing Chris Paul is kind of over the hill) duo. If the duo of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook couldn’t do it, I’m sorry but Harden and Chris Paul can not do it. This win now attitude has got the Rockets seeking the attention of the Pacers and throwing their hat into the Paul George auction. If you ain’t got a big 3 today, you ain’t got diddly shit. I’m not saying this 3 could compete with the Warriors but it might, who knows?

So with all of these pieces sold just what could the Pacers get realistically? Just who could justify giving up Paul George, especially with so many teams vying for him? I say a start would be this year’s winner of the Sixth Man of the Year, a man known pretty well around these parts to the Hoosier fanbase. Eric Gordon.

Image result for Eric Gordon IU

Huge Gordon guy right here. Even though his shot release kind of drives me crazy, somehow he can get it in. I’m not saying that Eric Gordon will be enough. Especially with all the young pieces that I imagine the Celtics would have to offer if they are able to sign Gordon Hayward. If the Rockets could add a few other pieces to get the Pacers on the hook I’d be happy to see Eric Gordon rocking a Pacers jersey.


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