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The Killers dropped the video for their first single. “The Man” is a 70’s style jam if you ask me.

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So I am an unrelenting Killers fan. I own hard copies of everything Brandon Flowers has ever done. He can do know wrong. In my mind all other front men are just trying to live up to his abilities. I believe him to be one of the last remaining true, Front Men. The Killers bring the jams each and every track they put out.

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That being said, I had several friends text me the day this song came out, how upset they were. Several of them said that this was the worst Killers song they’ve heard in a while. These were all of their initial initial reactions. Having listened to it several times before them, I told them listen to it at least 3 more times. Once they got the hook down and were able to sing to it. I got texts two days later saying that this is an absolute fire flames jam.

The video is pretty great, just Brandon feelin’ like the man.

I Got Gas In the Tank. I Got Money In the Bank. This song makes me think of the vibe of “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gee’s. It has an older sound, I don’t know what it is it’s just the overall vibe of the song.

Just put this song when you’re walking to work or through the city. Try not to feel like “The Man”. You absolutely can not. This song gets me jacked and for sure you can not help but strut to the beat when you are listening to it.


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