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THIS JUST IN about 3 months ago: Russell Westbrook named MVP

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So we can all agree we knew this was coming down the pipeline months ago. So the crowning of a new MVP comes as no surprise to anyone. Congrats to Russell Westbrook in winning what is the most prestigious individual award in the NBA. He deserves a load of praise for this achievement. His triple doubles were absolutely insane.

That being said…

What is quite possibly one of the only arguments I agree with LeBron James on is how the MVP should be decided. Sure Russell Westbrook was a triple double machine. But, can we really say he’s the most valuable in the NBA. How can he be? How in the hell can someone be on the 7th seed team and be considered the single most “valuable” player in the NBA?

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If you had to give it to the literal most VALUABLE player, as much as it pains me, it’d have to probably go to LeBron James or Kevin Durant. It pains me so, so much to say that. Especially, considering they may literally be my 2 least favorite players in the league. No F that, they ARE my 2 least favorite players in the league.

However you define “Valuable” you cannot deny that Russell Westbrook had an insane season. So sincerely props to him. Gotta give him the respect a MVP deserves.

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