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Preacher 2 Night Premier Was Absolute Lunacy (Recap: Spoilers)

So I’m starting to think that using Genesis on innocent people is a bit fucked.

Episode 1: “On the Road”

That was insane. Just starting Preacher off in the fashion and tone that us fans have come to expect from the series. When the Saint of Killers began his assault on our favorite trio, Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy it was absolutely insane to see just how after Jesse told the cops to “Stand over there”, they were completely helpless to move. They were just lined up standing there as his bullets and cannonballs began flying down the roads. Once Tulip is able to siphon gas using a man’s intestines. Once leaving the scene they head to Mike, another preacher who may know where to begin his search.

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Just a small note about the gas station owner where they stopped and Cassidy had a snack, aka the guy’s cat. How helpless must that guy have felt, he wanted to tell the Saint of Killers where the preacher went, but he had to “pretend we (the crew) were never here”. Genesis didn’t allow him to speak of it. So the SoK proceeded to rip the mans tongue out.

The other preacher, Mike, that Jesse met up with to discuss the situation is a total G, an utter badass (well other than the questionable caging of a woman). Mike once realizing just what Genesis could do, and chastising Jesse’s blasphemy of “I’m gonna hold that son of a bitch to account” when discussing if God just abandoned them, pointed Jesse in the direction of a titty bar. Then Jesse left, and as the previous 30 min of the show had shown those who come across his journey are met by the When he stared the Saint of Killers in the face, knowing damn well who he was, he just mocked him and stayed sarcastic af. Mad respect considering the Saint of Killers is a bad man. You know like rip the tongue out yo mouth bad. And before the SoK could get anything out of him, Mike sacrificed himself in order to give Jesse Custer even just a bit more time.

So needless to say it is pretty funny that the only woman that Mike claimed may know where God is is the owner of a titty bar. She claims God came and sat in the corner in the titty bar and that his glare would cut you to your core and that you are most certainly going to “shit yourself”. During this time God didn’t come for the girls, he came for the jazz. So this is what must be the reason the natural move is to head to New Orleans for the rest of the season.

I have absolutely no idea how Jesse wasn’t shitting himself or looked more concern when Genesis isn’t working on somebody. He has to know this is a super powerful being that can not be screwed with. I’ve never read the comic books and don’t want to spoil anything for myself. But it seems to me that this Saint of Killers may just be like the Angel of Death figure.

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Episode 2: “Mumbai Sky Tower”

So in typical Preacher fashion, just so happens that the motel the trio was crashing in was holding what ultimately was a NRA conference. As the Saint of Killers was walking towards Jesse, Jesse had decided to use The Word to order the people to begin an assault and volley of bullets at the SoK. So an absolute massacre ensued. How bout the one armed man pissed off bout the Ginger Ale? That was so, so, “Preacher” for lack of a better word. Yes I believe that “Preacher” can now be used as an adjective that anyone who’s seen at least one episode of Preacher. The massacre at the hotel allowed for the trio to be able to escape.

Image result for saint of killers hotel

We then cut to everyone’s favorite angel, Fiore. He then proceeds to start a casino act where he brutally kills himself onstage, only to pull his magic angel rebirth offstage to come out and amaze the audience. It was this act that Cassidy saw on TV during the SoK’s absolutely insane massacre of the motel. Cassidy had recognized that the magician, The Amazing Ganesh, was simply an angel. So he knew they had to head to Mumbai Sky Tower casino in order to get Fiore’s help and have him tell the SoKs that the hit on Jesse was off. What followed in the hotel was Fiore’s refusal only to be coerced into helping them by Cassidy offering him quite the trip. A trip that originally started off with an immediate 5 second OD.

As the drug trip was happening, Jesse and Tulip were about to utilize the wedding chapel in the casino lobby. Tulip, obviously hesitant, spotted someone at the chapel’s bar. This man proceeded to follow her back to her room where he began to choke her out while he was calling his boss, Viktor. Tulip was not cool with him telling Viktor he had her, so before he could call she smashed the phone and proceeded to bludgeon his head in with a heart used by the chapel to notify couples it is their turn.

After calling off the wedding, the trio were loaded up to leave for where jazz is king to find God, New Orleans. Before driving away from Fiore at the casino, Jesse had to use Genesis in order to draw the SoK to Fiore. Fiore had told Jesse that that was how he is able to track him. He hears The Word. So as a last command to Fiore, Jesse tells him to “find peace”. Following this the SoK walks into the dressing room that Fiore is preparing for The Amazing Ganesh. Fiore says that Genesis must die. He then tells the SoK to shoot him while he’s onstage so he can die and maybe see his angel buddy, DeBlanc.

Image result for Amazing Ganesh Preacher Fiore

Looks like the Saint of Killers is going to be following Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy to NOLA. I imagine that the SoK will become a character throughout the series. No way they’d spend so much time in season 1 showing us his back story to kill him off. I imagine this Viktor fella will be the Season 2 big bad. All in All, hot start to one of the funnest shows on television.

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