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GLOW Second Half (last 5 episodes) Review

So it seems like pregnancy tests in the 80’s took more scientific savvy then splitting an atom.

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The second half is where we really see the Gorgeous Ladies hit their stride. Truly becoming a band of sisters. It had a whole lot going on but the often times seemingly cluttered cast is awesome together. A huge ensemble of ladies and I seemingly felt like I understood each of their stories, their struggles, and their worries. In GLOW I find that actually pretty damn impressive to pull off. So often in sports movies (not saying it’s a sports movie) there is a team displayed. Usually revolving around a few centerpiece characters you know the formula. A star, an underdog, the one to inspire the team, and very often the comedic relief character. Of course GLOW had 6 hours to flesh out its characters but none the less, it’s still pretty damn impressive that they made it a point that none of these characters were just a face in the crowd, like so many a team member on other sports movies. Each and every member of GLOW served a purpose and pulled it off.

All of the racial stereotypes are still present. And, just like the previous 5 episodes it keeps up with dealing with these, and other issues still present in today, with not laying on so thick and often dealing with it with humor.

I’m trying to pull off this review without spoiling absolutely everything for those of you who intend to check it out. All I wanna say is that all of the actresses and actors did an all in all great job.

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Alison Brie’s character is one that takes the audience on an absolute ride. You feel bad for her, you despise her, you can’t understand her, then you can totally relate to her. Absolute rollercoaster.

Then there’s the Back to the Future scene. God I loved this scene. Absolutely nailed the overarching reaction of the audience coming out of it.

The overarching theme throughout the series is one anyone can relate to. It’s the age old story in both movies and real life. We long for our purpose and when we find it, it often times drives us to be the very best us we can be. When you have something to work toward, it seems as though so much falls into place. We are all just idle until we have something to work towards.

And, again can’t give Marc Maron enough credit. He absolutely kills his role throughout the whole series, sure he has an extremely awkward moment that sent chills down my spine, but he brings the heat for each and every episode. The way the guy can be so smuggingly (that ain’t a word) and be so damn sincere at the same time is awesome. I know this guy’s been around for awhile, but I’ll be looking for him in so much more to come.

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Never gave Orange is The New Black a chance, because I figured what could I relate to in that. This is by the same people. I think I’ve got a series to binge.

This entire series gets a total of 8 glitter uni-brows out of ten. Makes me wish I saw the real Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling throw it down in the ring.

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