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Pat McAfee and Adam Vinatieri discuss Deflategate with the mindset of sane Indianapolis fans.

So, Adam Vinatieri was a guest on what is just one of the fine programs offered at Barstool SportsThe Pat McAfee Show and the guys talked about what Deflategate was like from the point of view of the single most bad ass kicking tandem to ever grace the NFL (go ahead I dare you to find a better kicker/punter combo) Legit HoF calibers right there.

“They whipped our butts [45-7 in the AFC title game], You don’t know how much the ripple effect of that potentially could have been. It doesn’t take deflated footballs for Tom Brady to kick people’s butts. They had an awesome team, they whipped us, hats off to them”  -Adam Vinatieri

These are the words of any clear minded Indianapolis Colts fans. Adam Vinatieri won 3 Super Bowls with the Patriots, before winning Super Bowl XLI with my Colts. A true blue winner that guy. The same Colts fans that were hurt to the core about Deflategate are the same people around here who are still Team “Global warming is a lie”. It takes a special kind of dumb to think that without deflated footballs the Colts could have competed.

You have to be some kind of stupid to believe that after watching that AFC game, our Colts deserved to even be in the same area code let alone the same football field as the Patriots. They outclassed us at every position. Led by the GOAT, and I’m sorry, you are allowed to despise Tom Brady with every fiber of your being if you’re a Colts fan, but no one on God’s green earth can argue that he isn’t the greatest to ever take a snap.

There was no chance. I was actually pretty astounded that the Colts were in the AFC Championship that year. We certainly should of just saved our times and forfeited but without such an embarrassing loss to turn to who knows maybe Jim Irsay wouldn’t of had enough reasons to fire Ryan Grigson. He needed a real embarrassment like this as well as the entire year to follow to justify it in Irsay’s mind. Again remember, Ryan Grigson has to know where all of the slain bodies of Irsay’s economic enemies are buried. So now that we know that the players thoughts are just as sane as the rest of ours. Only one question remains…

Image result for Ryan Grigson meme

Just how much is Irsay putting into a swiss bank account for Grigson to ensure his silence?

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