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This TJ Leaf fella better be the real deal. Pacers’ first round pick bitching session.

So when this pick was announced I’m not going to lie. I was pissed. I thought, why would the Pacers wanna pick this scrub? This is one of the few too many white boys on UCLA our boy LaVar Ball was bitching about as the reason that Lonzo Ball was unable to win the title.

But whatever, check the tape.

As a plus the kid is pretty damn young, so hella time to grow. Also a plus working for this guy, if there’s anyone we can show up for and support, it’s a dangely ass white boy (a la Cody Zeller). The kid did shoot well from the field and 46.6 % from behind the arc. The Pacers will look to leaf to spread the floor and ultimately allow Myles Turner to cause a mofuggin’ ruckus in the paint. All in all. Rather un exciting draft for my Pacers. Would have been much more excited about the sexy pick to us Hoosier fans that just so happen to make up most of the Pacers’ fans, that would have been OG Anunoby with his short shorts.

Image result for og anunoby

They never really blow me away though. Hopefully we all look back on this decision and are aghast as to how many teams passed on the 3x NBA MVP TJ Leaf. One can dream right?!

Image result for TJ Leaf Pacers uniform

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