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Pacers are going to lose Paul George after the 2017-2018 season ends. What should we try to set ourselves up for a decent future?

Paul George has recently came to the Indiana Pacers front office to express his intentions come his inevitable free agency following the 2017-2018 season. Most likely with the intentions to join the Lakers. (via a report from Adrian Wojnarowski). 

Now our focus must move to pleasing Myles Turner and giving him pieces to begin to build a contender around. So a no brainer is the idea that we will absolutely have to trade Paul George before we allow him to simply walk away from Indiana leaving us with absolutely jack shit.

The Cavs have been fairly interested in Paul George, various sources around the league are saying. I feel as though the Cavaliers must absolutely win the title next year or LeBron is on his way out. Bringing Paul George would greatly appease wittle baby waby James. I believe LeBron would even be happy if this were to mean that in order to acquire Paul George, they may have to get rid of Kevin Love.

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If the Pacers can get Kevin Love, we may have a pretty bad ass front court. If we were to get him then were to make him happy enough to stay here in Indy with Myles Turner at Center. We could have a frontcourt that could draw the attention of free agents in the back court.

In my wet dream of a world, We could somehow draw Gordon Hayward to Indiana. Again, this is a pipe dream I’m pretty sure. But every part of me just want’s to say… “He grew up in Indianapolis. He played high school ball here. Played College ball at Butler here. Why wouldn’t this guy want to be a Pacer?”!!! But alas, I fear the draw of Boston may be too much to overcome. Boston is set to be a dominant team for a while. Just getting draft picks on draft picks. It’s actually a little sick how they were able to amass such a fortune. That along with the fact that Gordon could play for his Butler coach, Brad Stevens, again definitely puts a damper on my hopes.

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Another opportunity to capitalize on a Paul George trade would have to be a trade to the Clippers involving Blake Griffin. If I were the Clippers I would feel confident that you could sell Paul George on staying with your franchise rather than hopping ship within the Staples Center and joining the Lakers. Paul George is a SoCal kid who grew up a Lakers fan, but I believe the Clips could convince him to stay with them if given the shot.

Image result for Paul George clippers uniform

Either way I’m starting to dread the next NBA season. Without PG what are the Pacers?!

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