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LeBron James continues to douche it up on Instagram. Despite having ass whooped by the Warriors.

This has to be the single most outta touch individual to ever walk God’s green Earth.

Bald head nut!! #IHearEmPrayingOnMyDownfall #CantStopWontStop #striveforgreatness🚀

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This is the post of a man who has no clue that just within this same week he was absolutely wrecked in a 4-1 ass whoopin’ at the hands of the “Big Meanny Super Duper Teams”(LeBaby James voice). Guess this guy is that outta touch with reality. This guy doesn’t even merely have “yes men”, this guy must have a God damn YES MOB! How is no one in Camp LeBron telling him this probably ain’t the best look 4 days after you just lost to in the Finals. Seriously… LeBron lives by the words of a sociopathic mad man, (pictured below)

Image result for big ego

I can’t stand people who are sore ass losers…. The only thing I can’t stand anymore is people who can act like they never even loss. Sure at the end of the day Basketball is just a game, but shit man. Let’s pretend for a second you have an emotional investment in your product, a product that will ultimately allow you to retire pretty much a Billionaire. Can’t stand this shit LeBron. Just once I long for the days where we have those badass villains in the NBA gone past. Whether it was Larry the Legend, Magic Johnson, or Michael Jordan. None of them would be caught dead pulling some candy ass move like posting this in the same week as a loss. THE SAME WEEK! Why does the best player in the world have to be such a D Bag.

Image result for LeBron douchebags

Also, Lebron I gotta say the whole shaved head thing…

Image result for Lebron shaved head

Jordan did it better ya punk. (can hardly see the shine of his head off the shine off his fingers.)

Image result for Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan 6- LeBum James 3.

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