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Andrew Luck still unsure about time table for return. Anyone got a solution?

Andrew Luck is still unsure about his return time for training camp workouts. I have to say I don’t feel too great with the responses I saw from him on ESPN today. He is an absolute wizard with the public media though. His vocabulary thrown around is insane. Quite the intellectual. Just listen to a press conference from him compared to every other player in the NFL. He has found a way to make everyone not really listen to the substance of his statements and totally just sit back and think to themselves… Is this the nerdiest dude to ever throw on pads in the NFL.

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Listen I am 120% team Andrew Luck. But this guy has got to be the biggest goober in the NFL. I’ve got to say it’s a vet move though to constantly play that angle. Want the entire NFL media to lay off your injury and the surgery that followed? Just put everyone in their own heads, their own thoughts. Questioning how such a nerd can throw the ball just as well as anyone to ever play the game. And if you are sitting there saying, “I don’t know if he’s as good as the best ever”. Jane, ignorant slut.

The guy quite frankly makes throws no one else can when he’s healthy. He had the shittiest offensive line I may have ever seen last year. Even behind a line with the blocking abilities of a one armed nun, he was able to create enough opportunities to allow TY Hilton to have a historic season, leading the NFL in total receiving yards.

The whole situation regarding Andrew Luck, aka the highest paid man in the NFL, and his injury is unsettling for any of us within Colts nation. What are we going to do now that our boy Hasselbeck is no longer with us. Listen if Andrew isn’t ready to play come Week 1, the Colt’s have no chance in hell making the playoff, and a -30% chance of beating the Patriots at any point in the playoffs.

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So if this season ends up being a wash, why not give the undrafted FA a shot. May as well see what this guys got. Some of his highlights are pretty impressive throws. Sure their highlights, but Phillip Walker seems like a decent QB. One who can elude pressure in the backfield. And why not just put a runner back there while we build the offensive line in anticipation of Andrew’s return and the rest of Andrews career. Let’s get someone in the backfield who can run in order to extend a play for a few moments at least.

I mean why not? The hell do the Colts have to lose? Hell if anything lets just tank the season and get some draft picks.

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