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E3 Sunday coverage highlights!

Biggest news of the day had to be the final reveal of Assassins Creed: Origins. Finally we got a gameplay trailer that saw the use of the new eagle eye system… A literal eagle’s view from above you. As well as the new combat system, that is far from the wait to counter with Y system we’ve grown accustomed to in the Assassins Creed games as well as the Arkham series of Batman games. Looks pretty damn sick! Also the slow-mo drawn bow jump shot is pretty damn bad ass.

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve never been really in on the Wolfenstein franchise. But I’ll tell you what. After that huge trailer released during Bethesda’s conference. I got a full blow Red, White, and Blue Freedom Boner. This game looks like hella fun. Fuck Nazis! Revolt in the name of AMERICA!!!! Can’t argue with game logic.

Listen I do not know if I’m all on board with the VR movement. But I will say that if the controls actually handle pretty decently the idea of Fallout VR would be pretty damn impressive. Impressive, but equally terrifying at times crawling through subways beating feral ghouls to death with a baseball bat. I don’t know if I’m on board for that just yet.

Leaps and bounds above all else though, I am excited for Sea of Thieves. Looks like an awesome multiplayer experience, one the likes of which we have yet to see on console gaming. Should be a game with a learning curve as many of us will have to learn to function as a crew in ways previously unseen in gaming. I’m pretty damned excited.

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