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Wonder Woman may have finally set the DCEU on the right track!

Holy Shit. That movie was actually a respectable outing by the DC movie team. From start to finish I was on board. And…. thank the lord almighty! 2 more fuck ups and it looked like Marvel was on track to own the monopoly on the superhero, aka the most valuable, market in cinema. I mean sure sometimes it seems as though the DCEU is trying way to hard, like drop a magnum condom on the floor on purpose trying hard, to catch up to the expansive universe that Marvel has systematically developed over a decade of movies. But, Wonder Woman was a nice departure from the speed read form of the previous installments of the DCEU. Especially Suicide Squad.

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Thank God Wonder Woman came out of nowhere to be my personal surprise film of the summer so far. I mean the thought and care put into actually developing a character in this clusterfuck that is the DCEU worked out AMAZINGLY!!!! Who’d a fuckin’ thought! Gal Gadot brings the absolute heat. I mean the whole movie I am like “Jesus H. Christ. This may very well be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” And go see Wonder Woman and tell me you aren’t thinking the same damn thing. Guy or Girl. Dare ya. But… At the same time, every minute I am watching that movie I am watching Diane Prince, aka Wonder Woman, grow from absolute sheltered naivete (drop some french on yo bitch ass) to an emotionally mature woman invested in the world that she looks to defend now. On a real level, Gal Gadot blew the character out of the water. Played it perfectly! didn’t know how it would work when she was originally cast or even after Batman V. Superman. But she made me eat my words. Beautiful Woman, Powerful Woman, Wonder Woman. No Lie. She brought certified talent to the stage. First time I ever thought she was an actress as opposed to a model that acted.

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Story wise I am pleased with how grounded it felt even though the source material and the whole idea of “my personal paradise of 6′ beautiful model type amazons walking around in short skirts and push-up armor” aka my personal paradise imagined since the age of 13, or Themyscira, having her be the daughter of Zeus, and the whole Greek God mythos is found throughout the Wonder Woman identity. Even time on sexy lady island felt surprisingly genuine considering no place like this exists outside the reality of a 14 year old nerds wet dream.

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On the realest of all notes right now though… thank god for Patty Jenkins!!! Never heard of the director before this film. But thank god for her. A movie about wonder woman, hell just the title Wonder Woman, would lend itself to so easily pander to the lowest of intellectuals, the triggered online community and just pander to the idea of feminism. I didn’t feel this was a feminist movie at all. Even though the material is about a strong, larger than life feminine hero. I felt invested in every decision Diana was making. It could have so easily thrown in a Lord of the Rings-esque “I AM NO MAN!!!!” line. But thank god it didn’t because ultimately wouldn’t me, as a guy, finding a way to invest myself in the emotions of Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman be the ultimate way to relate a male demographic to a woman.

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