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EA kinda brought the heat yesterday at their E3 conference (Highlights)

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FUTBOL!!!! EA released Game engine footage of the new FIFA 18 as well as Madden 18. I gotta say FIFA 18 looks absolutely, remarkably, undeniably, beautiful.

Image result for FIFA 18

With Ronaldo bringing the his talents to EA to provide movements for their players, the video released in the game trailer makes the game look more realistic and articulately beautiful than ever before.

Also, the new Madden 18 Career mode, Longshot

Of course the Star Wars Battlefront gameplay appeared front and center. If the game can contain even a third of the trailer’s excitement I think we are all in for a good time, slaying droids, or dealin death as Darth Maul. Love the shot of Rey and Kylo goin at it. Shit’s bout to be mad lit.

Other than this there was an announcement and short trailer by Bioware (mass effect) regarding a new franchise that is going to have gameplay displayed at the official XBOX announcement. But if the clusterfuck that was Andromeda has anything to say about Bioware lately, they may have lost the fastball. Other than that there was an absolutely ludicrous trailer for the new Need for Speed game, but that doesn’t really move my needle so quite frankly my dear… I don’t give a damn.

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