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You’ve got to listen to the newest Bleachers album! (also my favorite songs on the album)

So Bleachers, the Jack Antonoff led band, ya know, the “I Wanna Get Better” guys released their latest album last week, and the whole thing is absolute FIRE!

Image result for Gone Now

Gone now is an absolute jam packed album. Full of different types of song each bringing the absolute heat in their own intended and individual way. The last of the singles released is easily my favorite song on the album. “I Miss those Days” is a typical Bleachers jam. Light tone with easy to belt chorus with the smooth almost under spoken verses I affiliate with Bleachers.

Next is “Don’t Take the Money” another jam that I believe was the 1st single released on the album and was the first actual video made for the album. Definitely a different video. But I gotta say. I’ve seen these guys live and this song would be absolutely insane in the fields of a huge music festival. Great times to be had to this song for sure.

Now for this next recommendation, You need too have some awesome head phones on. Not ear buds, head phones. The use of L/R sound in it is absolutely awesome and makes it a truly unique song. “Goodmorning” is a great song in my book. Different, but great.

Lastly, is another great one. Probably number 2 for my personal favorite. Just cuz I really like the smoother sound of the chorus compared to a lot more of Bleachers’ songs. Really cool sound and a proper use of autotune over his own voice. “Goodbye” is a great song if you have come accustomed to Jack’ Antenoff’s unaccustomed style.


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