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LeBron post W v. post L is such a dramatic shift. What a diva.

Soap Box time. LeBron is a little whiney bitch. Whether it’s his shameless flopping, his mouthing off to refs, or his incredibly annoying social media presence. He is so damn phony it blows my mind absolutely. Why does the greatest basketball player, hell probably the greatest athlete of all-time have to be such an unbearable prick.  First of all LeBron, if you’re gonna do this whole #zerodarkthirty23 thing. why the fuck not have it just be #zerodark23. Sounds so, so much better. But i can not keep on my thoughts on just how insane Lebron’s social media presence is or I could right a book with a length to rival the Bible. so back to the topic at hand.

Post-W Lebron aka “I’m just like all of you, just doing the same shit you all do, look how fun my life is” Lebron. VS. Post-L Lebron aka “Can one you reporters ask a question that isn’t just about the dumbest shit I ever heard?” Lebron. Can not stand either one of these guys. Post W Lebron likes to tell the people just how much Kendrick Lamar’s words mean to him. ya know just sit back put ya feet up and dish about a rap album  with the press because, hey he’s just like all of us, ya know getting grammy winning rap albums before everyone else and just vibing to it after having just beat MY PACERS and gone up 3 games to 0. ya know just no pressure life is easy.

Then he goes down and ya get this Lebron.

Sure kinda a dumb ass question but building on this shit…


Then the absolute Icing on the god damn cake for me was his comments after having lost game 2


Are you kiddin me with this shit LBJ?!! You can say that. But you don’t get to say it after you lost two straight, now three, in the finals. Just basketball?!?! Yeah you bum, it’s just basketball for shmucks sittin on their ass watching it like me. Basketball seizes to be “JUST BASKETBALL” when it looks to eventually put a billion, yes that is billion with a B, into your pocket. So I say LeBron post L better check what he says with this shit.

Life ain’t all Locker Room dance parties and Kendrick Lamar albums LeBron. Just once I’d like to see this guy face the music with poise. But I think that’s definitely too much to ask from a diva of this magnitude.

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