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Bob Stoops retires at .500 against all Big Ten opponents

190-48 overall record at the helm of Oklahoma Football. Pretty impressive Bobby Stoops… Pretty Impressive. That’s batting .794 against all competition. Mad props. 7-4 all time versus SEC opponents aint too shabby neither. That right there is .636 against all SEC opponents. Well done again.

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But let’s slow that roll Bobby. Let’s talk about your time against the Big Ten. No I’m not talking about having been a four year started for the Iowa Hawkeyes. I’m talking about the Big Ten having your number as a coach. .500 compared to the rest of your stats is embarrassing sir.

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Sure!!! That .500 record against the Big Ten, aka The Conference of Champions, is a result of a total of 2 games (A bowl win over your own Alma Mater Iowa and a regular season loss at the hands of the Ohio State Buckeyes). but that doesn’t change the stat to anything other than a .500 record. Maybe ya shoulda taken the time to acquaint yourself, nay, educate yourself on how big boy football is played here in the heartland!!! Hell ya coulda at least played Indiana or some shit! I mean those fans are always down to host a greater team looking to ready themselves for their own conference’s start. You could ask avid Indiana football fan the Head Honcho here himself. They are very self aware with the state of their program and just want attention brought in order to get some recruits.

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But no. You took time to schedule schools like Ball State. But never, never, took the time to schedule the big swinging dicks of the Big Ten till OSU in your final year. For Shame sir, for shame.

So all these OU fans with their nostalgia goggles on just remember when tweetin out your stats n other random bs about “Big Game Bob”. He ain’t no Big Ten Bob. And in the words of the immortalized LaVar Ball…. “Stay in Yo Lane”.

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