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What the hell does Ryan Grigson have on Irsay?

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So… I was actually dreading writing this one. Because at the end of the season, actually at the end of our playoff chances, I was confident, very, very confident Ryan Grigson would be out of a job within the week the season ended. Not only was I pissed when Jim Irsay hadn’t fired him by the 5th, but on the 6th the bombshell of Ryan Grigson having kept his job absolutely crippled me. I was a mess yesterday, could not handle the cold hard truth is it seems Jim Irsay is keeping Grigson and Pagano. I understood maybe keeping Pagano but Grigson?, no way in hell I thought. I am so pissed at Jim Irsay.

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Jim Irsay held the city hostage when he demanded that the Colts be built a new stadium. I mean sure, the RCA dome was an absolute piece of shit, but still. How are you gonna threatin to relocate quietly until the people who already pay to attend your games, to wear your jerseys, use their tax dollars to build you a shiny new stadium. Then absolutely not give one single fuck about their voice when you are making decisions for their team. Look anywhere and find me a Colts fan that thinks Grigson should still be the GM for our team come the 2017 NFL draft. I am so afraid for our team. Jim Irsay’s retaining of Ryan Grigson is a giant middle finger to every fan, every season ticket holder, everyone with any loyalty to the Colts.

The current regime is not working for you Mr. Irsay. What kind of communist bullshit is this. You can’t run your NFL organization like this. Not everyone deserves a job as GM in the NFL. You idiot. Why should Grigson keep his job. He has taken the greatest NFL QB prospect maybe ever, in Andrew Luck, and has subjected him to an absolute gauntlet of beatings through the season. No offensive line, no defense to give him better field position, we are absolutely wasting our window with Andrew Luck. At this point, with what Andrew Luck could be anything less than 2 Super Bowls in his career in Indianapolis would be an absolute disappointment for his career. We are certainly miles from accomplishing that. Keeping Grigson is not moving in the right direction it is spinning our wheels in place.

On another note, the only possible way any of this makes sense if Ryan Grigson has something on Jim Irsay. Jim possibly is afraid of Grigson writing a tell all book about his pill popping habits. Actually, check that (*Jim Rome voice*) I bet Jim Irsay had went on an absolute bender, brought home a prostitute, proceeded to strangle her, and Grigson had to help him bury the body. That seems to be the only explanation that would make any sense to me for a reason that Jim Irsay is keeping Ryan Grigson. When I say Grigson “knows where the bodies are buried”, I LITERALLY mean, GRIGSON KNOWS WHERE THE BODIES ARE BURIED!

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