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Today’s the big day, let’s not lose our ninth straight wild card today Lions

:Let’s start with a little hype.

Today is it. The day that Lions fans have seem to always have their hopes up for then ultimately get disappointed. Detroit is currently 0-8 in wild card games since the introduction of the wild card game. I have to say history does not seem to favor our boys in this one. We have not won a playoff game since 1991. That would be 26 years ago. That is pretty damn sad. Want to know a fact that is even more sad? Yeah. okay. The Lions’ last road postseason win occurred in 1957. To put things into perspective, the average cost of a new house was $12,220, Dwight D. Eisenhower was president, and the largest threat to America was the idea of communist sympathizers within our borders. So yeah, the last Lions’ road playoff win was a shit ton of time ago. Yeah so needless to say history seems hellbent against us.

I say, history can go fuck itself today!!! The pass protection of the Seahawks’ is extremely vulnerable right now. I’d bet my bottom dollar that Ansah and Hyder will be able to put some pressure on Wilson. The only issue will be whether or not Wilson will be able to avoid the pressure and turn broken plays into 20 yard gains, as it seems he is the most effective player in doing so. Oh well, let’s just get in the backfield and see what he can do. It definitely aids our chances that Earl Thomas is out. (On a side note, Earl Thomas is so freakin full of himself that he actually guaranteed that the Seahawks would have had a first-round bye if he had been healthy, ballsy move). The Seahawks have struggled immensely with their running game this year. They are going to live or die with Russell Wilson. Hopefully die.

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It doesn’t help our boys that the Seahawks definitely own the greatest home field advantage in the National Football League. First off its in Seattle. That is a hell of a long flight for our boys to shake off prior to game time. It is also a stadium that is known for its record shattering decibels that definitely rattle a few offenses and can definitely muffle communication among teammates. Worse, recent history definitely favors the Seahawks. Not only with their Super Bowl appearances, but the fact that since Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson have been there the Seahawks are undefeated at home in the postseason.

We are going to live or die with the ability for Matt Stafford to throw the long ball. Dear God Matt we need you brother. Do it for the city. Do it for all your fans. We’ve been all in with you since day one. Please, please help us end the miserable history that is our wild card appearances. You have yet to do it. But Matt, listen to Rick Moranis, it only takes one time.

Matt. Our trust is in you. This season lives or dies in your arms today. I need you out there dropping dimes to your receivers Matt. I know you know dimes, I mean come on.

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Earn that.

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