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Jim Harbaugh’s chocolate milk machine and the art of recruiting

Just when I think Harbaugh’s played every Harbaugh move possible, he truly out Harbaughs himself the only way Jim knows how. A chocolate milk machine. Fucking. Genius. What a consummate professional. This guy has been revolutionizing the recruiting game even in the short time he’s spent coaching the Michigan Wolverines. The news broke following an interview that had with 5 star recruit and potentially Wolverine Wildman on the defensive front. Here’s the individual stud in question.

What an absolute monster. Ok back to what he said. In the interview Solomon said, “Me and bunch of us guys who were coming [to visit Michigan], we love chocolate milk. When I say he’s the man, he like has his own chocolate milk machine”. He continued to say that it was in the players lounge. First off, this quote perfectly encapsulates everything I’ve said about Jim Harbaugh becoming the best recruiter in college football. Michigan has been in a slump in recent years. Jim came to change that. You know how you change that. You solidify the idea that you are “the man” in the eyes of 5 star recruits around the nation. That’s how you corner the market on offensive line breaking defenses. It’s shit like this that has aided Michigan in being in Solomon’s final 3 choices. The other two being Alabama and Georgia. Yeah sure, Alabama has absolutely dominated College football for the last decade but let me ask you this. Do you think this is the face of a guy who could possibly enjoy the splendor that is a chocolate milk machine…

Image result for Nick Saban grinch

That’d be a resounding HELL NO!

That quote from Solomon literally echoes the notion that all of us Michigan fans have… Jim Harbaugh is the God damn man. end of story. You know what the face of “The Man” looks like…

Image result for Jim Harbaugh laugh


Check. Saban. Your move muchacho.

PS. How the hell did chocolate milk come to be the go to post workout drink of athletes today. Google’s response is this, “Forget the protein shakes, chocolate milk may be the best thing to drink after you workout. Scientists have found that the beverage has all the nutrients that your body needs to replenish itself from exercising. The protein helps the muscles recover and the calories replace those burned when you are on the treadmill.” So not only is chocolate milk the apple in the eye of 5 star prospects, it’s just what may bring the Wolverines to the promised land.

As always, Go Blue!

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