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Grigson held player meetings the other day, and now I’m fearing the worse.

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So word on the street is that Grigson has been holding meetings with quite a few players. WHAT A GOD DAMN JOKE! What the hell is going on here. Grigson having a job still is absolutely mind blowing. The best decision his used car salesman looking ass ever made was drafting Andrew Luck, and I’m pretty sure any 10 year old who watched a single Luck game at Stanford would have drafted him, so bravo Ryan bravo. Other than that he’s bitched about Andrew Luck’s contract extension being too large to build a team around. What a thick bastard. How are you this out of touch with the very market that the Indianapolis Colt’s have you shopping in on their behalf. You complete dumbass. You get a decent QB you stick with him hell or high water. Otherwise, you find yourself with starting QBs like Blaine Gabbert or overpaying scrubs like Brock Osweiler. Jay and Dan, personally my two favorite Canadians, put it best when debating the validity of the Redskins possibly making Kirk Cousins the single highest player in the NFL.

Irsay is really scaring me now. It seems as though Irsay is creeping into his old ways. His “allow them to cry in the meeting I totally intended on firing them in, but then ultimately keep them after their grovelling” ways. I got to say what kind of communist regime is Irsay running here. There is turnover in the NFL all the time. You fail to show your worth, you’re out. They pay you huge amounts of money, and therefore no one feels bad for your ass after losing your job after two years. You coach in the NFL for one year, you can definitely live off that. I can not feel bad for anyone fired from these jobs. Can’t do it.

That being said. Irsay even allowing Grigson to call team meetings right now scares the living hell outta me. How are they gonna let this guy continue as if he isn’t on the hottest seat in the NFL right now? If Irsay thinks allowing him to carry on business as usual will make the fans feel comfortable with the current state of the franchise he is surely mistaken. Many believe Irsay will hold out until he has a suitable replacement for Grigson. To this I say, FFFUUUCCCKKKK THAT. At this point anyone could be a replacement that would spark hope within the fanbase. Literally anyone. Because at this point I’d much rather have someone with half a brain picking our teams instead of someone with no idea about the market of players and someone who thought to use a first round pick last year on a Wide Receiver. What an absolute shit idea of a pick. Get him out of Indy Irsay. For God’s sake please get him out. Really scared this pic can be used again for this coming season.

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