Friday Morning Flashback

Here’s our second installment of our weekly, “Friday Morning Flashback”. Hope you enjoy some of the selections to set the tone for your weekend. It’s cold as balls here in the midwest so use these tunes to sit back and warm up with a nice whiskey for ya.

Here we got some Birdman Jr for ya. Vintage Lil Wayne right here. Hustler musik is an all-time jam. Gotta love Wayne in his glory days. He set the bar for hip hop through my teens. You know damn well I was loading this track into my cd player right when I got my license. Lil Wayne’s the GOAT and songs like Hustler Musik is a perfect example of why.

Ignition Remix, need I say more. R. Kelly, the only man with a voice smooth enough for us to totally listen to his music despite him having pissed on underage girls. You can’t deny this song is an absolute all-time fire flame jam. Just a song about starting a woman up. What’s not to love. It’s the freakin’ weeken’ baby go and have you some fun.

Just some vintage Yeezy for your ass. This was the golden age of Kanye for me personally. I mean sure he was probably a massive douchebag back then but not nearly as much as the monster we’ve seen him morph into in recent years. You can say, “Ohh but he has mental health issues… blah blah blah”. Save that shit. Of course he had a mental breakdown. Look at what he’s done to himself. He’s made himself to be the holiest thing since Jesus in his own mind, then proceeded to date a Kardashian, and if Lamar Odom’s Crack addiction tought me anything it’s that that is an absolute mental health issue sentence brought upon by the promise of thick asses. I mean come on, I’d lose my damn mind if I was constantly followed by cameras at my every turn, my children were exploited on national television on a daily basis, and my mother in law was Kris. Nuff said. Let’s just listen to this jam and enjoy the good ol’ days this weekend.

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