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Thursday Morning Melody

Welcome back for this week’s Thursday Morning Melody, Midwest Millennial’s weekly installment of all the music videos you need to check out that came out this past week. So let’s get it started.

DJ Snake is killin it right now. After his smash with the Biebs, “Let Me Love You” (personally, the R. Kelly remix kills the biebs’ version but I digress), DJ Snake just dropped this video for “The Half”. This song is bound to be playing in every single annoying club I’m forced to find myself in due to society’s ideas of what I should be doing on my nights out, but I found myself actually vibin out to this. The single tones in the back absolutely make this song. If I’m in the club and this pops on I’ll drag myself out on the floor with the masses. Decent song.

James Arthur just dropped his video for “Safe Inside”. This guy’s got some killer pipes on him. His image is a lil “whiny bitch” for my taste but hey if he keeps making music like this that I can listen to on the Blue Line on my daily commute, I can fucks with him. (That’s what the kids are saying right? “I fucks with that”). Of course a music video means watching this guy sing, but hey decent song, so whatever.

Again, not the biggest country fan. But I can get down with it from time to time, and in this time of political unrest let’s take a time to remember a bit of the American Spirit. Sure this song definitely highlights the better parts, ya know Bud Light, Football, pride in the stars and bars, and family, none of that cop violence and political unrest. Everyone needs to take a few minutes to just cleanse the palette from all the negativity that the media is shoving down our throats constantly. So there ya go.

I gotta say I don’t really like this song, really at all. Just thought it was worth noting that Jonny is still out here efforting his ass off for his fans. So there. At least this won’t stick with ya nearly as much as “Hey… It’s the power to turn back time”

Sorry for that.

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