Jabrill Peppers may be staying!! but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Just Tuesday there were reports that our boy #5 had hired an agent, and in doing so would have all but entered the NFL draft. The report was provided by Forbes. Jabrill just shot down these reports saying he has yet to make a decision. Tuesday El Cinco tweeted, “Funny how I haven’t made any decisions on my future. This is a complete false report”. He continued by tweeting out, “This is going to be one of the hardest decisions in my life. If you haven’t heard anything from the UofM or myself, it’s FALSE. Thank You”. This follows our boys Khalid Hill, Maurice Hurst and Mason Cole all stating that they would be returning for next season in order usher in the Wolverines to the Promised Land, aka the College Football Playoffs.

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I got to say I loved seeing all this from Jabrill, gotta love a guy willing to see it out and try to win a national championship for Michigan. But, as much as it hurts me to say this, he’s a first round pick. And honestly, who could blame him for taking the payday of a lifetime. A payday that would ultimately be able to get his mother out of his neighborhood, a neighborhood that claimed the life of his brother when Jabrill was only 14. I couldn’t even imagine. I can tell you there is not one of us Wolverine fans that could blame him for wanting to get his family out of there as soon as possible, and this NFL draft is definitely, DEFINITELY an opportunity to do so. I can also tell you that there will be plenty of our fans who will do just that, condemn him for leaving. I say to these people, for shame! For Shame! You don’t understand his circumstances so lay the hell of the guy. He’s going to do what’s best for him, and I would have to believe that a multi million dollar pay day would have anyone doing the same too.

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I mean of course, I would be absolutely over the moon if Jabrill returned. But ultimately, I do not expect him to, because from what I understand football has provided him the launch pad to a fortunate life, with that landing pad merely 5 months away. And when I say, “from what I understand” I fully understand that I don’t understand the half of it. What I do understand is that he is a huge part of this team and will be surely missed. But if a guy who’s given me so much enjoyment as a fan leaving means he lives a happy and comfortable life, I’m more than ready to see what Jim Harbaugh can do to replace such a guy.

As Always, Go Blue!

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