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Is “indefinite” polish for “one game”. Or is Coach K still a huge shithead. Spoiler, he’s still a shithead.

This whole Grayson Allen saga seems to quickly be making this an anti-Duke blog, but I can’t stand this bullshit one bit. So I apologize this will be the end of it, that is barring an absolute meltdown from Grayson again. So it’s a 50/50, sorry.

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Ok, so my polish pretty much only consists of information I’ve gotten sleeping through a Polish literature class, yes more gen ed bullshit brought about by the United Stated Education system. But I’m pretty sure that “indefinite” is not the word used for “one game” in polish. What an absolute Krzyzithead. I can not say enough just how much this decision (no doubt decided by Coach K) really chaps my ass.

Holy shit. Just Holy Shit. When I was watching ESPN yesterday and saw that Grayson Allen was going to play against Georgia Tech, I really wish I could say I was surprised. I mean come on, Coach K gonna Coach K. Of course he did his black magic back dealing and made sure Grayson Allen would be playing last night. I mean honestly is anyone really surprised? I am sure that Coach K has every one on the Board of Trustees at Duke University in his back pocket. Yes that includes Apple CEO Tim Cook (In every one of our front pockets) and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. While any administration with a shred of dignity would know that the childish behavior exhibited by Grayson Allen should be punished (he’s well passed the age of simply standing with his nose in the corner at this point, even though that would be the more typical punishment for such behavior), it seems that the Duke administration is willing to let this shit fly. Because hey who gives two shits so long as we are winning? Who gives a fuck if our most famous student, a representative of our student body, makes us all look like a bunch of spoiled brats? But hey, maybe one is to assume that due to a total cost of $64,000 with room and board anyway, so let’s own that shit. I may get flack from some Dukies but your student body being okay with being affiliated with that behavior speaks volumes about you. I sure as hell know that if an “indefinite” suspension would be withdrawn following one game for Thomas Bryant or anyone on our Hoosiers team, the entire state of Indiana would be embarrassed (even more so than back to back losses at home as we are now). Call us corn-fed, call us hicks, but damn it we wouldn’t let this shit fly. They would be calling for Crean to make sure he at least sits two games. AT LEAST!! How are you gonna use a word like “indefinite” and say “one game, that’s alright”.


I do have to give the PR team at Duke some credit though. A suspension was handed down because it was needed to save face for such foolish behavior. The use of “indefinite” is definitely more harsh than “one game”. But, that harsh characteristic went down the shitter when you lifted it after one game. Really, you need him for Georgia Tech?!? This is just classic hypocritical Coach K. The man who bitched when players left early to play games at the NBA level making millions of dollars rather than playing in an arena built for $9,000 for free, only to quit doing so when Coach Cal was winning due to monopolizing the one and done nature of the most talented basketball recruits in the country. The man who dragged a kid, a fucking kid compared to his 70 year old ass, through the mud in the eyes of the national media, calling him a liar, only to be proved that Coach K was in fact the liar in the situation. I can’t stand this hypocritical piece of shit.

Hopefully I’m done having to voice my opinions on just how much of a rat faced bastard Coach K is…. but I highly doubt it.

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