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So how bout the Orange Bowl

Sorry in advance for the late thoughts. We took a short holiday hiatus.

That was a pretty great game all in all. I mean sure our Wolverines got beat but what were we really playing for? Oh honor, respect, our Alma Mater Michigan, save that shit for bout 15 years ago. This is the age of the College Football Playoffs. In the immortalized words of the great Ricky Bobby, “If you ain’t first, you’re last”. All those old football minds losing their minds over people not playing in these games are absolutely insane. All in all it was a strange feeling this year losing and not being a complete shell of myself for the next few days. I mean the loss to Iowa this season left me speechless, frail, and lost. Only to arrive at the Ohio State game knowing a win would cement a spot for a chance at the title. Only for that game to be blown by refs leaving me once again a shell. It was nice just sitting back and watching the boys play the game. Not having my emotional state and mental sanity swing to and fro with each and every snap of the ball.

This was just an enjoyable and exciting game for all who watched. I mean sure would have been nice to end the season on a high note with a win but, meh. Glad I got to just enjoy this one. Looking back at this season I am fairly pleased with what I saw. I mean, Jabrill Peppers was easily the most single fascinating player in the country. What an honor to call that man one of our own. I wish nothing but the best for him hoping he someday ends up playing for my Lions. What an awesome player and season to have watched.

All in all, great season for our boys, sure not making the College Football Playoffs was a disappointment. Creeping in the right direction though. Seasons like this, as well as our pimpin ass Jordan brand unis definitely mean we will be options for the absolute program changing recruits we will desperately need in order to dethrone the damned Buckeyes as the bad boys of the Big Ten. Sure they seem to keep stockpiling more and more top quality recruits, but as long as we keep stealing more and more for the Maize and Blue, I see more and more promise for our Wolverines. God. Country. Jim Harbaugh. Get ready for next year bitches. In Jim We Trust.

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