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My picks for songs of the year (per genre)

Sorry bout the wait people. We had a nice lil break to devote to football, friends, and booze for a while but I wanted to catch up on the year in review with my personal picks for the songs in each genre that seemed to set the tone for 2016, my 2016 at least. No that my genre’s may be a little vague because I sometimes categorize music on moods rather than

So without further ado.

Pop Song of my year:

What’s not to love here. Chance. Check. DJ Khaled. 2 Chainz. Check. Lil Wayne. Check. Lil Wayne came back on this with an absolutely classic lil wayne verse on here. That’s that 2010 Lil Wayne shit right there. Love it. Also, 2 Chainz verse, “Aye, Aye Captain. I’m High Captain. I’m So High. Me and God Nappin. This is my blessin. This is my passion. School of Hard Knocks. I took Night Classes”. May be my favorite lines of 2016. Maybe.

Soulful Jam of my year:

I’m kind of a chance fan if you can’t tell. This song was easily my favorite on the album. An album that included my favorite pop song of the year. I mean I’m all in on Chance in 2017. I feel I’m just 4 years too old for a “3” hat to be rocking myself. I hate to ever say I’m too old for that shit… but I’m too old for that shit (25).

Rap Song of My Year:

Sorry, god damn I love this album. On this track I felt that Chance showcased his ability to rap and by god I love this song. Chance’s sound is something refreshing in today’s bullshit of overplayed edm and Kanye shitting out whatever he wants and all of us eating it up calling his weird ass decisions “art”. When did it become cooler to like shitty “artistic” rap than a song like this that I can just bump n vibe out to? Feel Good Jam right here.


Alternative Song of My Year:

Kings do it again and again. Just when I think there’s no way they can compete with the shit they put out years before (Also the Killers would have to fall under this category of performers as well). Love this song. “Take the Time to Waste a Moment” and give it a listen. You won’t regret it.

Country Song of My Year:

Now I’m not one of those bleeding heart country listeners. I believe I have a firm grasp on the true meaning and intention of country music. That being sitting in a tube in the middle of my lake anchored to the dock blaring shit about chilling, girls, drinking beers, and in the case of Eric Church smokin’ a joint or two. Gotta love it. You can save stories about driving your truck up to the pearly gates in order to meet your dog in heaven. I’m gonna enjoy the country music I’m gonna enjoy.

The Computer Generated Music song of My Year:

Awesome song. My personal christmas day is whenever I pick up the latest copy of FIFA then immediately download the entire soundtrack. This gem was on there. Whoever runs the music department for FIFA. Cheers.

Lastly, my personally favorite MINDFUCK video of the year.

Surprise surprise OK GO blew my mind in a music video. They’ve done zero g videos, treadmill videos, and other insane videos, but this one is absolutely mindblowing. I find myself still saying there is just no way this is real.

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