Joke of the Week

I’ll be bringing you the Joke of the week every monday morning. Return to midwest millennials weekly in order to catch the greatest stand up around. This week I wanted to start with a shorter one. I could have added some longer formed work from Louis C.K. (which will definitely be making an appearance in this weekly segment at some time). John Mulaney is your mother’s favorite comedian. None of his shit is too raunchy but all of it is absolute gold. Which one of us hasn’t dreamed of being a def jam comic?!, Who hasn’t pondered the idea that when you were about 10 and you looked at 14 year olds they looked like grown ass adults compared to the fact that even 18 year olds compared to us are looking like new born calfs just getting their walking legs now.

“It’s a grid system mothafucka!” John Mulaney’s wit is second to none. Just such a damn shame that his show on Fox with Martin Short never got its footing and failed before the first season was even done.



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