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How awesome was that Cavs Warriors game

Live Look at everyone in Cleveland:


Warriors don’t get a happy ending today though.

Can’t talk Midwest basketball without discussing the Cavaliers. Lebron James continues to stun the world by defying all expectations for the superiority of the “Super Team” that is the Golden State Warriors. I mean I am absolutely stunned by that 4th quarter comeback that the Cavs put on the Warriors. The Cavs were down 14 points with roughly 9 minutes left to play in the entire game. That’s a lead that it seems the Warriors, anchored by Superstar and MVP Steph Curry, (oh yeah and Superstar Klay Thompson, oh yeah and superstar Draymond Green, oh yeah and superstar and one time MVP Kevin Durant) would seem poised to drive home against any other opponent.

That dunk by Lebron of the dish from Kyrie with about 1:40 left in the game was absolutely awesome! Set the tone for how this one was going to wrap up for sure. How great was Steph Curry feeling after he drained that shot with 1:15 left in the game? So great that’s how. But I love that all his little shot posing after that was for not. Because kyrie said, “My Ball Kevin!!! Then he scored the layup to put them within one. Then finally with 3.7 he said “lemme win this game right quick with a turnaround spin shot to absolutely shove a dagger in the heart of yo bitchass”.


Love this so much. The Cavs got your god damn number Golden State. Things are bout to get real interesting this year, especially considering it looks like this is about to be the NBA Finals matchup again this year. The Cavaliers just did all of this without JR Smith as well. He’s currently resting (probably shirtless) for about three months after surgery on a fractured thumb. Just imagine what the Cavs are gonna do to your beloved Superteam Kevin. You do know Lebron goes on superstar auto pilot during the regular season until the playoffs right. He is gonna put the pedal to the medal, while kyrie continues to drop daggers and dimes all day! Oh yeah and you already know JR will be looking to give ya the pipe come the finals


Keep it up Cavs. With a shitty ass Detroit team I’m currently just on the” down with the Warriors and down with Kevin Durant’s bitchass” bandwagon.



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