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So the Colt’s are eliminated… Here’s some thoughts on the season

This season has been a huge let down. The AFC South is even more trash than it has ever been. It looks to be the worst division for the forseeable future. To be honest I am pretty happy that the Colts were unable to make the playoffs. Not because the Colts are now bound for a better pick in the draft, but because whoever does happen to win the AFC South is about to get absolutely smacked in the first round. The AFC south should probably just sit this year out. The entire division is an absolute dumpster fire.

Dumpster fire.png

All this being said, there is no reason that the Colts shouldn’t win considering Andrew Luck is in Indianapolis. I mean Blake Bortles is trash and the Titans are the Titans. If there is one player in the league to start a team in the league with right now it’s Andrew Luck. The Colts obviously need a radical shift in the regime. So in response to this I say, FFFFIIIIRRREEE EEEVVVEEERRRRYYYYOOONNNEEEE!! Grigson. Gone. Pagano. Gone. Chudz. Gone. Chino. Gone. FIRE EVERYONE! I mean how much does Grigson suck as an NFL GM? A shit ton, he sucks a shit ton. He’s the worst. This guy bitches ab0ut Andrew Luck’s contract like he doesn’t understand the value of the quarterback position. This son of a bitch! That drives me absolutely insane. What an idiot. The worst part is, if he’s convinced that the Colts have invested too muchn money in Andrew Luck, you think he would want to protect that investment by looking for any way to make our offensive line better. It’s absolute bananas that our line is so shit. That’s it I’ve had it I’m sick of this dump.


I am so done with this shit. So many teams end there season and say, “I don’t even know where to begin with this team.” I do though. You begin by absolutely gutting the front office. Then searching options around the league at offensive line. Drafting a defensive player (Jabrill), then making sure that we’ve utilized the offseason to absolutely overturn our offensive line. Yes, I mentioned the line twice. All in all an absolutely shit outting from our Boys in Blue this year. Save TY Hilton’s silently HHUUGGEE statistical season. They’re gonna say the 2018 season starts next week after the game. I say it started just 3 hours ago. Screw this last game, mail it in, and get a slightly better pick. We are done, own it now. I wish nothing but the best for Chuck Pagano. I hope he’s able to get another chance somewhere. But Indianapolis is not the place for him now. And as for Grigson, that dude couldn’t build a team to save his life. So I highly doubt he’ll have many more chances. Considering the only great move he made was drafting Andrew Luck (and to be honest a monkey who watched 1 of Andrew Luck’s college games would have done the same). So no crazy props to throw his way.

It’s over on to next season. Hopefully, Pagano and Grigson breaking down in tears in front of Jim Irsay won’t stop him from firing their asses this year round… Fingers crossed. So sick of that smug sonabitch.


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