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Merry Christmas! My gift to you is this trip down memory lane via a Michigan Man

Chills. Straight Chills. I’m not looking to spend a lot of time discussing this video because I’ve got about 8 pounds of ham, potatoes, and stuffing to destroy like an absolute JACKHAMMER today. At the same time I wonder, what more could I say? Jim Harbaugh perfectly encapsulates what it means to be a Michigan man. When “We know what kind of men you are. What kind of husbands you’ve become. What kind of fathers you are. Then we’ll know how good this football team is”. Love that so, so much. Chills from the top of my skull to the bottom of my balls. Jim Harbaugh is a Michigan man, and watching this again I find myself more pleased to have him as our coach than I can remember. The world sees the antics, the quirks, and the sometimes lunacy that is Jim Harbaugh’s style. Not so often they get to see the man beneath all of that. A man who truly respects and loves the University of Michigan. A coach that has the upmost respect for the institution that employs him. Love it too much.


Here’s a bonus for ya, in honor of Rogue One being the movie of the holidays this year. Jim Harbaugh is a Vader guy. Who knew? If you’ve been paying attention to him at all, hopefully you. This is exactly what I’m talking about though. One moment he’ll be telling the world how Vader is an absolutely relentless Jackhammer, the next he’ll romanticize his love for Michigan with Shakespearean poise. Merry Christmas Jim Harbaugh you magnificent son of a bitch!!

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