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Get Merry! Listen to some Christmas (w)Rapping!

Gotta love this jam by Chance the Rapper. Coloring Book was so awesome and his little differentiation in this song was an awesome shout out to the birthday of The Big Guy! This and his live performance of “Same Drugs” (Easily my favorite song on this album) were awesome additions to the annals of SNL Musical Guests.

Santa. Santa. Santa. Santa! HUH! Gotta love this.

Come on. Christmas in Hollis is the single greatest rap xmas song out there. Run DMC were true masters of the craft. They were the bee’s fuckin’ knees people. This shittiest realization watching this though is the fact that all these dudes rappin today wouldn’t be caught dead doing this. It’s so awesome Run DMC were at the top of the game and they did this shit. If you asked Kanye or Jay Z to straight up rap about christmas like this they’d tell you to take a hike, their rep won’t let them. But spreading cheer is spreading cheer. Run DMC knows “That’s what Christmas is All about!”

This one’s for my Jehovah’s Witnesses out there. You want a loophole to celebrate the holidays?! Here ya go. Just listen to Troy aka Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino give you the step by step guide to use in order to infiltrate the holidays to take them down from within. Also I don’t know much about Jehovah’s Witnesses but not celebrating any holidays sounds like enough to have me not wanna sign up for that club.

Lastly we have Ludacrismas. I mean come on its LUDA! Ludacris just doing Ludacris shit. What’s not to like. Fred Clause was such a shitty film though. Vince Vaughn really missed the mark with that one.

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