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Elf is the best. End of discussion.

Sorry to all my Hanukkah celebrating friends out there, but Santa and Christmas trump all in the holiday season. In case you needed any last minute motivation for the holidays here is the single greatest movie to get you celebrating the holidays and downing hella Nog.

ELF is the all-time classic and some of Will Ferrell’s finest work. If you aren’t a fan of Buddy and his ignorant ways just stop now because their is absolutely nothing anyone can do to get you in the mood for holiday cheer you Scrooge McDuck. It is perfect. Will Ferrell is playing pretty much a 10 year old trapped in the body of a 40 year old man. The hijinks that Buddy finds himself in throughout the film absolutely reflect his blissful ignorance. If only I could be as happy about anything as Buddy is for Christmas.

If I could be trapped with the astonishingly hopeful outlook on life that my 10 year old self had (you know, before I went to college and realized that my life would be nowhere near as spectacular as I had originally intended, barring some divine intervention in the form of a Powerball victory) I would be so, so much more pleasant than the mess of pessimism and inherent disdain that I am today.

Also, I’m pretty sure that the snowball fight scene is the visual equivalent to what I believe it would be like to suit up for a junior high football game as a full grown man. I mean which of us hasn’t dreamed of lacing up those cleats and absolutely curbstomping some junior high kids on route to a 80 yard touchdown in which you broke 11 tackles. I mean it seems like every pro sports mascot has the exact same mindset that I do.


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