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With the Orange Bowl a week away, here’s some thoughts


My Michigan Wolverines will be facing the Florida State Seminoles in the Orange Bowl in just a week. Both these teams fell short of their playoff aspirations this season with Michigan falling just short at number 6. Behind 2 other B10 schools, Ohio State (*Face Palm*) and Penn State. Florida State finished #10 this season behind one other ACC school (Clemson) even though that lost they had to Louisville may have been the most embarrassing outing by a #2 ranked team I can ever remember, they were shmacked that game!!! I don’t believe that Florida State can hold a candle to Michigan this year.


Michigan is 2nd overall in points allowed a game with 13. That’s some absolute bonkers Alabama level numbers right there. Sure Florida State’s averaging 35 PPG. But Michigan is averaging 41 PPG while Florida States Defense is allowing 24 PPG. You can say, “oh they play different opponents” but yeah. They play different opponents and this also points to an edge for the Badgers, because if you don’t think the Big Ten was the most competitive and talented conference across the board this year you are out your mind. The Big Ten was very impressive this year and with the emergence of the Harbaugh vs. Urban rivalry I don’t see it letting up anytime soon. I’m not gonna sit here and just throw up stats all over your screen right now… That’s that shit you can get at espn, CBS, or any other site.


I’m here to give you pure unadulterated Wolverine bias!! The games in Florida, sure the Wolverines may have to invest more travel time and arrangements then the Noles, but if you can’t see several reasons (the largest of which being Jabrill Peppers leading an absolute monster of a DEFENSE) why the Wolverines should march into Florida and claim Miami for the great state of Michigan you are absolutely blind or senile. On second though fuck that, I don’t want Miami (or anywhere in Florida). We’ll just conquer than gut it for natural resources and pet gators to bring back north. Get ready Florida State cuz you are all bout to feel as helpless as Rick Grimes as Jim Harbaugh takes Lucille to your aspirations for this game. Miami is about to be Ann Arbor-South. Jimbo Fisher is about to be Jimbo of the week for thinking he can come out here and hang with Michigan.

See ya’ll December 30th!!!

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