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The Giants fell short last night, and as a Colts fan I’m pissed!!!

Why would a Colts fan be pissed that the Giants lost to the Eagles last night? Cuz fuck the Patriots that’s why!! The New York Giants still have greater than a 99 percent chance to clinch a playoff spot by the end of the season, but I mean I’d love for them to put on a showing before the playoffs started. The Colts are shit outta luck with their chances at the playoffs, and honestly I’m kinda glad we can get to the whole “Fire Grigson” campaign sooner than later. I mean best case scenario is the Colts made the playoffs and got absolutely smacked in the first round. With an O-Line like ours I’d rather just sit the playoffs out and save EVERYONE the embarrassment of the asswhoopin that was awaiting whoever wins the AFC South in the first round.

It’s the playoffs coming up though. That means one of two things. 1. I’m cheering my ass off for Andrew Luck to pull a legendary performance out of his ass in order to make the AFC championship only to have the biggest bastards in the league, The Patriots, absolutely curb stomp us at every other position. or 2. I’m cheering for the Giants to absolutely make the Patriots their baby back bitches come the Super Bowl. That is why I’m disappointed in the Giants after Thursday Night Football’s loss to the Eagles. If Andrew Luck can’t almost make a Super Bowl, I may as well watch as all of New England frets over the idea that the Giants may make another Super Bowl, therefore making a possible 0 and 3 super bowl matchup occur. Listen I understand that for New England fans the rivalry may have died with Peyton’s trip to Denver. But, FUCK THAT!! The only thing I love more than the Colts success is New England’s downfall. Chock it up to the pessimist in me, but the Colts’ fanbase can’t be the only ones that are sick and tired of New England fans living in what seems to be the longest dynasty since the Japanese Yamato dynasty (the world’s longest actual imperial dynasty).


The Patriots have every right to absolutely trash the reputation of every team in the league, that is except for one. New York has enough going on that I don’t think they really deserve a Super Bowl, but just imagine if the Giants can win a third Super Bowl against the Patriots. That is the ultimate astrisk to everything they’ve ever done. Every fan base can put them down by simply mentioning the fact that the Giants won three against them if it comes to fruition. If you’re a New England fan and you disagree I’m sorry but your level of ignorance is beyond me. One loss against a team in the super bowl is one thing, two is another, and three, THREE just cements the fact that that team has branded your ass with their insignia. If the Giants win a third Super Bowl against the Patriots, every New England fan will have an absolute identity crisis. They all think they’re champion shit don’t stink. That is until a 9-7 team led by the brother of the most prosperous Colt to ever play the game gives them the god damn business.


Please god, the Patriots have had enough fortune to last 3 lifetimes for sports fans of every other team in the NFL. Fuck the Pats. Go Giants. I need the Super Bowl post game consisting of the model turned football player Tom Brady saying, “might as well call the Giants my daddy *in Pedro Martinez voice*” (If you don’t understand that reference, drop what you are doing and educate yourself).



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