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Friday Morning Flashback!!!

Alright, so they’ve given me a lot of leweigh? leway? lewey? However the hell you spell it. I mean the head honcho of Midwest Millennials has pretty much given me free reign on what I should post in regards to the latest in entertainment. But, I wanna use friday mornings for a greater purpose! That purpose being reminding you of all-time weekend jams produced for us over the many years I’ve been on this earth. There are so many songs that get forgotten despite their absolute clubbangin’, chill-settin’, or undeniably catchy natures. So a lot like the Thursday morning Melody I’ll be giving you 3 music videos of songs I believe belong on your “All-Time” playlist. If you disagree, leave a comment below with other songs that I may consider to add to the next weeks “Friday Morning Flashback”.

The first addition to the Friday Morning Flashback may be an absolute jam that absolutely set the tone for what a club banger means to me at the ripe age of twenty something. This song coming up absolutely set the tone for what I would come to expect from the hip hop genre. The Bad Boys II soundtrack was the very first album I ever bought by myself. Sure my right-wing Catholic Crusader parents shoved all the positive message laced music they could down my throat, but the Bad Boys II soundtrack came out at the very beginning of my personal music pilgrimage throughout my life. I remember when I came home after buying the album in a seperate line than my mom was checking out of at the local wal-mart, and immediately throwing it in my Walkman (Damn I didn’t think I was old till I typed that sentence). To be honest I bought the soundtrack for one song…. The song that would ultimately set the tone for the rest of my formidable years. Nelly, Diddy, Murphy Lee, it WAS history baby!!

For the next song, I’d be remissed not to put my personal favorite, my ALL TIME JAM! I can not tell you how many mornings I woke up to watch VH1 and MTV(when they played music videos) with a hearty helping of cinnamon toast crunch only to head to 8th grade and absolutely kill it with my vast knowledge of what music was in at the time. The year was 2007 and The Killers would release a song that ultimately would be the bench mark for perfection for the rest of my life. The Killers are the only band that I’ve seen 3 times in my life. If you don’t fuck with “Mr. Brightside”, I don’t fuck with you. The ABSOLUTE JAM OF ALL JAMS!!!! MR. BRIGHTSIDE!!!

Lastly, I hope these words fall on the eyes of some Parks and Rec fans(considering Parks and Rec is the greatest show ever and Pawnee, Indiana has set the national tone for all things midwest. For this reason I have to channel some of the earliest years of my life. I was four at the time of this songs release, but I’ll be damned if I don’t remember hearing this over the FM tuner while my parents drove me around. An All-Time jam that I would carry with me from 1996 till my college graduation in 2016. To all my Parks and Rec fans out there I just have one thing to say…. Lil’ Sebastian, Your MY PONY!!!!! Ya the song by Ginuwine…. THE GINUWINE!??!! Yes The Ginuwine.

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