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Thursday Morning Melody

This is my new weekly installment where I will be showcasing the best in new music videos. Of course this is opinion, but I’ll tell you I got my ear to the ground for most genres of music. (Except Classical, that shit is for nerds. Mozart. Nerd. Beethoven. Nerd. Johan Sebastian Bach. Absolute Nerd.) Each week I will look to post roughly 3 new music videos that you ought to check out. Following these three videos will be a palette cleanser, in case the week in questions latest falls short, in the form of a go to music jam!

First this week is the latest video release from the great Stevie Wonder. I mean this music video is pretty much a 3 minute ad for that new “Sing” movie coming out. I could slam such a movie, but Matthew McConaughy, Seth McFarlane, Nick Kroll, Nick Offerman, and John C. Riley are all voicing characters in it so how bad could it be. Hell I’d probably pay 10 bucks for the chance to watch a cheesy ass CGI koala say “Alright, Alright, Alright” just once. Ariana Grande always brings the heat. I mean that voice in that little body makes no sense to me, but hey I’m not one to complain.


Next up is the latest video from one of my favorite bands. Kings of Leon are still vastly underated. Personally I think everything they’ve made since their “Sex on Fire” days has been vastly overlooked. I mean “Back Down South” is one of my all-time favorite tunes. Their latest album, “WALLS” falls right in line with the quality of music I’ve come to expect for the Kings. While my favorite songs on the album, “Waste A Moment” and “Reverend” are on a different tier, “Find Me”, definitely holds its own. Also if you haven’t seen them live, you’ve got to do so.


Third and final new video. “Party” by Chris Brown. Listen I am avidly anti-Chris Brown. I don’t give a shit if Rihanna did or did not give you some form of Barbadian Herpes, you hit a woman I think you should be paraded through the street for shame (a la Game of Thrones) then beaten with a splintery 2×4. But this song will sure as hell end up in the ears of every 10 year old with an iPhone and be bumping through the radio for months. I’ve got to say though, I do like this video for having the vibe that the videos of the 2000’s had (“Yeah” and “Run It”).


Now in case any of these left a bad taste in your mouth, a Palette cleanser.

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