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T.Y. Hilton having the most quiet potentially league leading season ever?

T.Y. Hilton has been silently building a potentially record season. He is currently only 5 yards behind Atlanta’s Julio Jones. Julio Jones is an absolute freak at 6’3″ with a far far longer wingspan than our boy TY Hilton. But honestly, when I saw that he was only 5 yards behind the leader in NFL receiving yards this season I was shocked. That stat is absolutely insane considering how quiet of a season it seems to have been. I think its been quiet and I watch each and every Colts game this year. So I can only assume the rest of you were all fairly unaware of this as well.

TY is always touted as one of the greatest deep threat receivers in the league. So I ask can you imagine if the deep threat was even an option for Andrew Luck to take this season? Andrew Luck has hardly had enough time to hit a tight end running an out this season. Our line is absolute shit, frankly it’s embarrassing how poorly Grigson has addressed this issue. As much as I’m anti-Pagano at this moment, I personally believe that we should have fired Grigson last season. Then when he came out complaining how hard it was to build a team around a contract such as Andrew Luck’s, I about lost my damn mind. What the hell does Grigson think reliable QBs are going for in the game now?!?! If he is really this ignorant to the necessity for reliability at the QB position and this ignorant of just how much of a salary cap that QBs are responsible for now a days, he doesn’t deserve to work in the mail department for the Colts executive office. Sorry about that, I just get so pissed whenever I think of Grigson, his used car salesman haircut, and trailer trash goatee. Back to TY. Back to the deep threat. With this line TY hardly has the chance to get 10 yards before that ball must be hurled down field. That is absolutely the most fascinating part of TY only being 5 yards behind Julio Jones for me. Been marching down the field in order to pick up yards, not really getting that long ball this year.

He has earned his 3rd consecutive Pro Bowl this year, garnering four games with at least 133 yards receiving. So he is gettin shown some of the love he deserves, but frankly I don’t believe he’s gettin nearly enough. With the Colts closing the season against the Raiders and Jacksonville defense I think its fair to say Hilton may easily beat Julio Jones considering Julio’s availability for this weekends game at Carolina is still up in the air (even though his previous outing with them resulted in 300 yards receiving but forget I said that).

My Oh My, TY, TY!!!


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