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Matthew Dellavedova got welcomed back to Cleveland like a boss

Gotta love this. Thank God Delly doesn’t have to go “down undah” to feel at home. Cleveland fans welcomed Delly with open arms and open hearts. They can’t hate him for leaving because 1. It’s Delly just look at him,2. they totally understood that he was worth about 1/10th of what the Bucks were willing to pay for him. It’s good to see this kind of homecoming for the grittiest player since, dare I say it, Pistol Pete. What an absolute stud.

Which one of us hasn’t watched Dellavedova look like an above average collegiate intermural player running the floor with the greatest ballers on God’s green Earth and thought “wow Delly… we did it!”? I mean he plays bonkers minutes for how absolute shit his stats for the Bucks are this year. Delly is just one of us. When he is on the court I find myself believing that he ended up on the Cavs when they walked into the nearest YMCA and asked for a guy to complete their roster.

This is a far more gracious welcome than any game he’s had in Milwaukee. I mean sure he averages about 8 points in roughly 28 minutes a game (that is Bad folks, real bad), and he’s got the 3rd largest guaranteed contract on the team. On top of that he’s making about four times more than Milwaukee’s stud, the Greek Freak, this year. But, count your blessings Milwaukee. If you can’t have an all-star caliber back court player you may as well have the closest thing the NBA has to the Crocodile Dundie.


This man is the single greatest export from Australia since the Bloomin’ Onion. Cavalier fans understand this fact. I say fact because it is just that, fact. This guy is the ultimate chemistry guy. He is the physical embodiment of Grit! I don’t give a shit if this guy was tossing up shots his own team’s basket, I need him on my roster if I’m any NBA executive. You know why? Because everything I know about Australia (besides Delly, Dundie, and the onion) tells me this guy has seen some shit. Sure some of these NBA players have been forged in the fires of the hood only to use basketball as their leaping pad out of their less than favorable situations, but have they ever walked out of their homes to find this shit…animalsfox

Holy Shit…

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