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Greyson Allen kicked another player and then cried, in other news water wet


I’ll be damned if this wasn’t the most Dukey Duke move a Duke player has ever Duked. This guy is not only becoming the next Laettner, he seems to slowly be surpassing Laettner’s legacy as Scumbag White Boy Supreme!! Yeah, Yeah, I hear all of you PC Bromanis yelling out your Prius windows at me, “what does him being white have to do with it?” To which I respond, it has EEEVVVEERRRYYYTTTTHHIIINNNGGGG to do with it. Just look how much harder Draymond Green has been dragged through the mud (I mean still Fuck Draymond, but come on). He had to sit out Game 5 of the NBA Finals after his foul was upgraded POST game to a flagrant. You would think the NCAA would take this opportunity to bring swift justice by suspension, considering they use every chance they get to flex their muscle. You know, the muscle that we collectively as a society have just allowed them to have with no real reason what so ever to be a governing body in college athletics (but I digress). What a dirty little shit this Grayson Allen kid is. Such a shame that a white boy droppin’ 30 points a game it seems has to go and make me hate him with a fiery passion.

What a pre-madonna piece o’ shit. Who the hell would react to a technical like THIS after being called for that punt?!!?!

It is absolutely cuckoo bananas that he responded to a technical foul like that after having kicked someone on the court. Just when I thought I couldn’t hate Duke any more than I already did following the whole “Coach K bitching at another team’s player about sportsmanship, only to promise to the media he did no such thing until audio and video proof of the incident was provided, and he totally apologized for lying to the entire country while trying to make a 20 year old kid look like a lying piece of shit in the national media” thing (you know, that thing). Grayson Allen has just tore the roof of the ceiling for my Duke hatred and decided to add on about 15 more stories. Whiny bitch on the court, whiny bitch off the court. I mean this next video takes the ridiculousness cake. Absolute Lunacy!

Why the hell do all the most hateable white ballers take their talents to Duke. Grayson Allen is Christian Laettner 3.0 (obviously JJ Reddick is 2.0), that is all the hateable attributes of Christian Laettner plus insane amounts of crying…

Minus all the swag.


PS, Here’s a list of 30 for 30s I needed YESTERDAY!!!

  1. Catching Heaven (direct sequel to “Catching Hell” about the 2016 World Series)
  2. The Fat Lady Sung (Christian Watford’s dagger against Kentucky and how it truly marked the end of Indiana’s post-Sampson drought)
  3. I Hate Grayson Allen (need I say more)

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