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Holy Hell Michael Floyd Was WWAASSTTEEDD

Before I start let me begin by saying DUI’s are not a laughing matter. They ruin lives. Not only those who get arrested for them, but those they may hurt, and the loved ones of everyone else associated with those involved.

Damn Michael Floyd. I mean DDAAAMMMMNNNN Michael Floyd. This guy was well passed 3 sheets to the wind. Michael Floyd was arrested with a Blood Alcohol Content of .217! .217 people! That is ridiculous. He didn’t just break the law, this dude absolutely demolished it and melted it down for scrap.

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 03 South Florida at Notre Dame

I was a YYUUGGEE (*Donald Trump voice*) Michael Floyd fan back in his days playing for the Blue and Gold. He was an absolute BEAST pulling down passes for the Fighting Irish. I have to say as an Irish fan I’m vastly disappointed in this piece of shit. Don’t even try to say, “oh it was a one time thing”. Fuck That Noise. People who get caught driving drunk have always had an inclination to do so. They believe it is okay at their core, for this reason when they are at their drunkest and their truest emotions and uninhibited actions come forward, they get caught driving drunk as hell in their high end sports cars. I mean .217 is cross your eyes, piss your pants drunk.


How dumb can you be?! I mean seriously? With a 4 year roughly 10 million dollar contract, I can tell you I would have a legion of servants pull me in a golden chariot to and from nights out at the bars. I mean isn’t this part of the reason it seems every athlete with a big contract has hired only their 10 closest friends to work under them in various roles. You don’t have a cousin or some shit who is in charge of your night life scene?! Educate yourself Michael. That top tier Catholic education doesn’t mean shit if your not smart enough to get this taken care of well in advance. You idiot. I mean come on, even if your cousin’s best friend’s brother is in charge of this shit and was slackin on the job. I get Ubers and I’m a Broke AF recent college grad, serving tables right now. You are a starting Wide Receiver in the National Football League. An uber for you is like me going and buying a gumball for a quarter. Actually, as far as exchange rate from broke server to NFL Wide Receivers go its probably even less than that for you. What a Dumbass.


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