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Assassin’s Creed Reviewed by an Avid AC player (no spoilers)


The world has spoken and it seems the overarching response by avid reviewers is a unanimous, “Meh.”

I have to say I came out of this film last night and slept on it, and I enjoyed what I saw. Anyone fluent in the AC universe already understands the basic ideas of the film. Abstergo, bad. The brotherhood of assassins, good. Templars seek to control, while Assassins seek liberation. Ya know, basic Assassin’s Creed stuff.

The use of action throughout this movie was not as frequent as one may expect a game about fluid combat on a mass scale with minor sneaking aspects, but that made the action scenes that much more meaningful. When Aguilar is fucking up Templar scum he does so in a manner that is so fluent and deadly that it truly resonates the feeling one got when actually playing the game linking up massive combos while numerous guards aimed to cut you down. All of the action scenes are truly stunning. I don’t know who directed it, I’m not really gonna take my time and act like I do, but damn this guy has a knack for action. The scenes in which Aguilar and his bad ass and weirdly hot (in a tattooed face, might freak ya, might slit your throat kinda way), sidekick are just fluidly moving through their deathblows to nameless templar guards that I thought to myself, “This is some of the most bad ass fighting sequences I’ve seen”.

Assassin Chick.png

While the games do have several things right that could have made for a more dynamic movie, I mean come on, you’re gonna adapt AC and not mention Ezio Auditore de Firenze, easily the single most badass character in all of gaming (fuck outta here Master Chief). They better be saving the Florentine nobleman playboy turned single most deadly assassin in the world for a sequel. I mean I need Ezio on the big screen. The single most important character in the AC series (if you say Desmond Miles… THERE’S THE GOD DAMN DOOR!!!!!). Ezio is the OG Assassin and belongs here. There is a reason he carried the franchise for 3 entire installments, while coming out with a collection of his own this year.


I will say that the movie made way more sense of how using the animus would allow one to attain the martial arts mastery of their ancestors. Instead of merely laying in a bed and watching the memories unfold, this animus had Michael Fassbender mimicking Augilar’s every move. I know muscle memory would definitely aid one in being able to carry out insane assassin moves in their world after coming out of the animus.

I was very impressed by the Michael K Williams (Omar from the Wire) character. I hope to see so much more of him though. They did not utilize him nearly enough. Would have been nice to maybe see his ancestor’s path overlap with Augilar’s. I would love for them to flesh out his lineage in the next installment (praying there is one, there is so much more to dive into in the AC universe).

All in all, I give it a solid 7/10. I enjoyed it far more than any other bullshit attempt at a video game movie.


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