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The Harlem Globetrotters are back and should rethink their revenue stream

The Harlem Globetrotters are back … nailing a ridiculous and terrifying shot from 300 FEET IN THE AIR … off the top of the Houston Texans stadium … and we have the video. The man — Trotters forward Thunder Law (who’s held 3 world records for crazy trick shots) — climbed to the top of NRG Stadium (where the Texans play) and nailed the shot. FYI — Law’s so high up … it takes the ball over 4 seconds to reach the hoop. Check out the shot! -TMZ Sports

Damn, that’s impressive. If you don’t fugs with the Trotter’s, I don’t fugs with you! The OG trick shot Gods. They’re coming back with absolute fire trick shot videos. I need more and more of these. Dude Perfect ain’t shit compared to these guys! The globetrotters have been doing this for 90 years. Like I said O.G. TRICK SHOT GODS!

The Dude Perfect guys, are worth an estimated 5 million dollars, among the five of them. The globetrotters make about $73,000 annually. Just take the skills to the internet and watch the money pile up. Because just imagine what the Globetrotter’s could do if trick shot videos were made more consistently. I have to imagine the Globetrotter’s could do a whole hell of a lot better trick shots than 5 white nerds chucking balls at the net till one hits. Please, each one of those nerds looks like they’d be doing my taxes if 7th grade boys didn’t lose their shit over someone throwing up a full court prayer while riding a tricycle. Just like my love life, I have to imagine that Dude Perfect’s whole process is a numbers game. For every make there has got to be a plethora of misses. And if you PC Bromani’s are saying what has white got to do with it. Please… just please. Check out the Globetrotter’s roster and get back to me!

Dude Perfect or Globetrotters you tell me!






Still got nothing on Bro Sweet.

Trick Shot Power Rankings

  1. Bro Sweet
  2. Harlem Globetrotters
  3. Dude Perfect, I guess.

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