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Houston’s We Have a Problem and Life at Brock Bottom

Jokes on Houston. Brock Osweiler made out like a goddamn bandit. This week the Houston Texans will be starting Tom “The Savage” Savage over Brock “Bottom” Osweiler. As a Colts fan and pretty much the Texans only consistent AFC South competition (even though just saying AFC South and competition in the same sentence is quite the contradiction it seems) I have to say I am so, so happy to see this sort of instability within Houston. Screw the Texans, screw J.J., screw Bill O’Brien, and screw Brock. I imagine as good as it feels to be secure in your teams current quarterback, it feels just as good to feel the insecurity of your divisional rivals in their quarterback. Nothing says quarterback insecurity like sitting your 4 year/ $72,000,000 man in favor of your 4 year, 2.5 Million dollar man.

Love this kind of cap hit for divisional opponents. The Colts are 5 guys on the offensive line and a key defensive player away from making some noise in the playoffs. I’d take that any day over a dead weight cap hit like Brock Osweiler. That kind of cap hit can just absolutely cripple your organization. No one on God’s green earth is looking to pick up this contract, hell even the Cleveland Browns wouldn’t touch this contract with a ten foot poll. Worst part is if he’s cut the cap hit to the Texans will increase from $19,000,000 to $26,000,000.

Image result for Brock Osweiler meme

The Colts need an offensive line, but hey, they can make moves in the roster (If Ryan Grigson can ever get his head out of his ass) to address that this offseason. The Texans are cuffed to a sinking ship. There pain is my joy.


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