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How frustrating is this Indiana Hoosiers team?

As an avid Indiana Hoosiers fan I have to say this team is an absolute enigma. I do not understand this team one bit. How does this team beat #2 Kansas and #3 (at that time) North Carolina, then lose to Fort Wayne and Butler? The INDIANA Hoosiers are 0-2 against Indiana teams. That’s so damn embarrassing. The Hoosiers were expected to be the big swinging dick in Indiana basketball this year. Now fans are subjected to watch lackluster play and an inconsistency only surpassed by Kanye West’s emotional state. This team is so frustrating. When the Hoosiers are firing on all cylinders, they are firing on ALL cylinders! At times Thomas Bryant looks like an All-American big man. Those times are when the Hoosiers are able to get him the damn ball. For some reason at times it seems like the backcourt is just forgetting the fact that when given the ball, Thomas Bryant becomes the key to running an offense that utilizes the paint as well as opening the floor for shooters like James Blackmon Jr. and Robert Johnson. We have a driver in OG Anunoby. What is the issue?

Of course I can point to Tom Crean who seems to be coaching his way out of a job by consistently underwhelming fans with his ability to consistently lose games while having a team who’s skill vastly surpasses the opponents (Fort Wayne, Butler, and ultimately the entire 2012-2013 season, I mean come on, Oladipo and Zeller, I’m pretty sure I could have coached that team to a national title while teaching them how to deal with a zone defense COUGH*Syracuse*COUGH).

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I could also point to Josh Newkirk’s inclination to try and play “Yogi ball” (Sprint to the baseline,jump, and pass it out) while possessing 1/2 of Yogi’s athleticism with 1/10 of the Yogi’s handles. How is it that the oldest guy on the team, a guy that was touted as bringing a veteran presence in the locker room, seems to be the most inconsistent and underwhelming? 28 minutes for him is far, far to many.

But ultimately it has to be a collective mindset that seems to be on display from the team. I don’t know what it takes to light a fire under their Hoosier asses, but there are times that the team looks lost and defeated. At times the team looks like they are missing character, just simply a bunch of shells of who they were in big games like Kansas or UNC. I don’t know if they’re just soft and the slightest bit of adversity cripples them or they just lack the motivation. What I do know is that I’d really really appreciate a benefactor (Mark Cuban) making Brad Stevens an offer he can’t refuse. Whether you like Crean or not, how are we to trust a man to lead this team, when he thinks this is acceptable public behavior?

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Let’s not shit the bed tonight against MEAC (Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference) powerhouse Delaware State. I could not handle a loss to such a highly touted basketball program.


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